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Everyone gets their news via their phone. Imagine getting that news—tailored specifically to you and your issues—without the need to scroll through emails. No more waiting. No more scrolling. No more uncertainty. Our app delivers immediate push notifications, so you never miss an important piece of news no matter where you are.

The Atlas app does something no other media monitoring product does. Download it now to find out how.

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A war room is how political leaders gain the confidence that they know what’s coming
in the news.

We ought to know—we’re a team of former PR and political campaign professionals who understand your urgency and act accordingly, leveraging their human intelligence to flag the moments that matter. leveraging the smartest technology to track your issues across all mediums. Through real time alerts, daily digests, trend analysis, or breaking news and crisis situation support, we offer an alternative to services that have chosen to fully automate their monitoring, often at the cost of quality in results or of missing information.

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Making your job easier, not harder.

As your war room, our job is to be your eyes and ears at all times. It’s why we built the app: to make your job easier, not harder. Now, all of your news and alerts are with all of the time, meaning you’re never in the dark.

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