Meet Your War Room 

Atlas combines smart technology with even smarter people to deliver a better solution to media monitoring, resulting in a full-service monitoring system that paints a fuller picture of the media, policy, and regulatory landscapes that surround our clients.

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Every day in the US and UK, 1,350 Newspapers print an average of 300 articles, thousands of news websites and blogs post opinions, 15,000 radio stations broadcast, and over 80 news channels run hours of content. That’s before accounting for the millions of posts to social media.

Finding an edge in this environment isn’t just challenging, it feels impossible.

A breaking news story that mires a competitor or regulator in scandal? Ignored by a bot interested only in the narrow focus of keywords and phrases.

A simple earnings report—reprinted hundreds of times without any changes? What if it mentions your issue in a context that’s not relevant to the media and public policy challenges you face? What if it’s your own press release or that of a similarly named entity?

Sorting through clip after clip churned out by one of those bots means an additional full day of work each week doing something you paid someone else to do. It’s hard to find an edge when you’re losing an estimated $100,000 per year doing the work some automated service promised.

Frustrated by the inefficiency, and bothered by all the moments that were missed, we knew there had to be a better way. That’s when we realized our clients didn’t need media monitoring, they needed a war room.

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But more than simply driving efficiency and increasing effectiveness, a war room will help you “see the forest through the trees” by delivering a fuller, more actionable picture of the landscape.

That’s because our experts know that every article is more than just a “search term”—it has intelligence that can be applied to it. Our teams will be fully briefed on the issues important to you—able to distinguish between a story that’s irrelevant, an article that ought to be in your next report, and a breaking news scenario that you need to be aware of right now.

By functioning more as an extension of your team than a simple monitoring tool, we can stay on top of your issues while dynamically managing resources to ensure that nothing is missed. When combined with our nuanced understanding of the media landscape formed through years of work in the public relations space, we ensure you receive the news that matters most, not the results of a simple unintuitive search.